Open source param manager for delphi

We recently released as open source a framework that was proprietary code. This is part of a program that is intended to turn parts of our code base in open source code. In fact, we now have an entire afternoon, every week, to work on open source projects, we are using this time to decouple and release some of our code.

This framework is a quite useful piece of code that basically manages all the params that we have in our systems. We call it Param Manager.

What I like the most is that with it I can completely forget about database schemas, dbx, datasets, and that kind of boring stuff. When I have to create or use a param I only have to add one unit in the uses clause and use a couple of simple methods.

Ok, maybe you have to worry about the database and stuff if you are starting to integrate the framework into your software, but thats it.

The framework work extremely well into ours software, but, we have just open source it, so, we are making some changes to make it easy for developers use it in their softwares.

The entire code, automated tests and documentation is on github, here.

I hope this framework can make your life easier, and maybe you can contribute to improve it.