Finally I took the time to write this blog. My objective is to share experiences about technology and especially software development.

I am relatively new in this business (software development). I started working with software on July 2007 as a trainee at Sysmo. Although short, this period has been based on a lot of research and professional growth. Currently I coordinate the technology team, which is responsible for the technological structure of Sysmo systems. In this position, especially in the last year, I have had many experiences that I would like to share and that’s what motivates this blog.

My knowledge and experience are based on Pascal / Delphi language, but as time passes I’m even more motivated to study new programming languages and paradigms to keep evolving. For now Delphi is the tool / language that I use professionally and therefore I keep studying and improving it.

Besides the challenge of writing this blog, I’m now assuming the challenge of writing in English. I am Brazilian and don’t completely dominate this idiom but I’ll try to write as best as I can. For a better text revision, I’ll have some help from my brother Mateus Schneiders and my friend Cesar Arnhold.

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